Purification of Metallurgical Silicon up to ‘‘Solar’’ Mark Silicon

Konstantin Vladislavovich Gochua, İgor E. Maronchuk, İgor İ. Maronchuk, D. D. Sanikovich


The paper presents experimental results showing the possibility of obtaining the "solar" mark silicon by recrystallization of metallurgical silicon in low-melting metals on the example of tin and the cultivation of the obtained flakes of single crystal silicon by the Czochralski method. The experiments on the purification of low-melting metal (tin) after the completion of the cycle of the silicon flakes are conducted in order to re-use it. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw materials of silicon and tin and the composition after different processing stages were studied by XRF analysis on the instrument Elvax light. Structural features of the obtained silicon flakes were examined using scanning electron microscopy on the device РЕММА106И. The measurements of the conductivity type and electrical resistivity of the obtained monocrystalline ingot of silicon are carried out by a four-probe technique.

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metallurgical silicon, monocrystalline silicon, tin, purification, recrystallization

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