Distributed Generation Planning & Grid Partitioning for Voltage Control of Smart Distribution System

Hossein Fallahzadeh-Abarghouei, Saeed Hasanvand, Sohrab Sahraneshin


Recently the tendency toward renewable energy resources in distribution systems has been significantly increased. So, new approaches in order to model the optimal placement of these resources seem to be required. Moreover, due to the voltage violation problem of these resources, this issue must be considered too. This paper, proposes a new approach for distributed generations (DGs) planning by partitioning the original distribution systems into several separate zones. Then in operation stage a zonal voltage control method is presented which uses only local data and optimizes reactive power of the DGs where have been placed in previous stage. Both planning and operating problem are optimized using the well-known particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. Finally, the proposed methods are evaluated on IEEE 123-bus unbalanced test system. The results demonstrate the ability and efficiency of the proposed methods.

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Distributed generation; distribution system planning; network partitioning; renewable energy; zonal voltage control

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