Site Selection for Large-Scale Algae Cultivation Towards Biodiesel Production



Fuel deficiency is one of the severe threats confronted by the whole world. This foreshadows about a situation where the resources would be insufficient to meet the energy requirements of industries, automobiles, and household equipments. Biofuels have been attracting the scientific world with its properties similar to that of fossil fuels and the capability to get renewed. Alga is widely studied owing to its high lipid content and potential to produce larger quantity of oil than other crops. When compared to food crops and other raw materials, alga is the best feedstock for biodiesel. The requisites for algae cultivation can be met easily which are fewer than that for food crops. But some hurdles are inhibiting the high productivity of algae and profitable algae farming. Lack of suitable sites is the major sticking point that hauls the production of biodiesel to the lowest. This article discusses the survey conducted for the selection of sites pertinent for large-scale algae growth aiming at a high yield of biodiesel. Maps of surveyed locations and charts showing the importance of algae cultivation have been included. The manuscript elaborates the geographical features of each location and shows their aptness to be selected as algae farming sites. Comparison of oil yield from different crops has been shown through graphs. Information regarding algae, similarity of biodiesel to petroleum products, implementation of algae as the feedstock for biodiesel, different processing techniques available for biodiesel production via extraction of oil from algae etc is also comprised in the article.

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algae; biodiesel; fossil fuel; cultivation; barren lands; seawater

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