Feasibility Evaluation of the Wind Energy as an Alternative Energy Source for the Irrigation of Greenhouse Crops

Adnan Rasheed, Jong Won Lee, Hyun Woo Lee


Wind energy is evaluated as an alternative energy source for the irrigation of greenhouse crops at four different locations in Asia; Shouguang (China), Sargodha (Pakistan), Buan and Gimhae (South Korea). We studied potential of the wind resources available at each location for the use of a wind pump, to meet tomato crop (same for all locations) annual water demand. Daily and monthly evapotranspiration of the crop under different greenhouse sizes and volume of water pumped by using wind pump are determined for the water budgeting and economic analysis of the system. The concept of Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in US dollar (US$) is used for the economic assessment, and we compare LCOE of wind pump and other sources (solar photovoltaic pump, diesel pump, electricity from the grid) of water pumping being used for the irrigation purpose. The initial results indicate that the LCOE associated with diesel-powered pumps and electricity from the grid is low. However, in the case of Shouguang and Buan have not received conventional energy source yet and have adequate wind resources to fulfill the irrigation requirement of the large area. The average wind resources in Sargodha and Gimhae are found inadequate for the large area water pumping, but irrigation of medium size greenhouse could be doable. Wind pumping system’s internal rate of return found at each location, Gimhae, Buan, Shouguang and Sargodha are 4.4 %, 10.0 %, 5.2 % and below 1.0 % respectively.

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levelized cost of energy; Renewable energy; Tomato evapotranspiration; Wind pumping.

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