Design and Analysis of an Integrated Cuk-SEPIC Converter with MPPT for Standalone Wind/PV Hybrid System

K. Kumar, N. Ramesh Babu, K. R. Prabhu


This paper proposes an integrated Cuk-SEPIC converter for standalone hybrid wind and photo voltaic (PV) system. The proposed converter is developed by sharing the converter components between Cuk and SEPIC converters and it operates in both individual and simultaneous modes, based on the availability of source and eliminates the need of input filter to suppress the high frequency harmonics. Therefore, it has the advantage of simple structure and reduced converter components.  The proposed converter is designed and then analyzed for the hybrid wind and PV system. This study considers a 1.8 KW wind system and a 2 KW PV system with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms of incremental conductance plus integral control and perturbs & observes methods for wind and PV system respectively. The effectiveness of the proposed converter is validated using the simulation results and usage of the converter based on availability of the renewable energy sources is presented.

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Photo Voltaic; Wind energy; hybrid energy system; Cuk-SEPIC converter; MPPT

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