Solar Manager: Acquisition, Treatment and Isolated Photovoltaic System Information Visualization Cloud Platform

David Omar Guevara, Jesús Israel Guamán, Carlos Luis Vargas, Alverto Ríos Villacorta, Rubén Nogales Portero


This article describes a platform of acquisition, processing and visualization of the behavior for isolated solar systems called SOLAR MANAGER. The recording of measurements was conducted in an isolated photovoltaic installation of the Ambato Technical University Faculty of Electronics Engineering and Industrial Systems. The acquisition system will provide the information necessary for performing maintenance monitoring, operation and supervision through variables such as voltage, current, temperature and humidity system to generate renewable energy remotely from a CLOUD COMPUTING platform.

It is intended that the implemented system is economically viable, because the system is developed in open source allowing compete with commercial monitoring systems. The control and monitoring of photovoltaic installations isolated platform - SOLAR MANAGER, in the future one will become a central monitoring and control of all isolated PV plants installed all over the country

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CLOUD, monitoring, ARDUINO, Open Source programming, Photovoltaic systems.

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