Performance Evaluation of a Mono-Crystalline Photovoltaic Module Under Different Weather and Sky Conditions

Nouar Aoun, Kada Bouchouicha, Rachid Chenni


The aim of the present study is to assess the suitability of a mono-crystalline photovoltaic module for use under different weather (i.e., cold and warm) and sky (i.e., sunny and partly cloudy) conditions in desert climate in the region of Adrar (0.18 W, 27.82 N), Algeria. Monthly, daily and hourly performance parameters, i.e., performance ratio, efficiency and output energy, are calculated and compared on the basis of one year of data accumulated. The experimental results show that, the photovoltaic energy provided during the warmer weather conditions is higher than in the colder ones, and the maximum efficiency and performance ratio are observed during the weathers with low irradiation levels and ambient temperatures.  Furthermore, the photovoltaic energy production is directly proportional to the irradiation, and the module produces 83% more energy in July than in November. Moreover, the module has approximately 10.8% and 10.5% higher efficiency and performance ratio values in December compared to July, respectively. Thus, the photovoltaic module energy production is better under warm climate conditions. However, the efficiency and performance ratio are better under cold climate conditions. Furthermore, after one year of exposition the performance parameters such as maximum power output (Pp) and short-circuit current (Isc) of the module degraded about 3.5% and 0.13%, respectively.

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Photovoltaic module; performance ratio; efficiency; energy.

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