Fuzzy Logic Controller based PV System Connected in Standalone and Grid Connected Mode of Operation with Variation of Load



Solar photovoltaic (PV) system has gained its own importance in global electrical power generation. The increase in efficiency of PV cell, due to improvement in design parameters has led the world to use solar PV system as one of the reliable alternative energy source. PV system may be connected either in standalone mode or grid connected mode along with single stage configuration or two stage configuration. The intermediate stages present between solar PV system and grid is the boost converter with maximum power point (MPP) tracking controller and the inverter with different control techniques. The present work explains about a 14KW and 10KW solar PV system of two stage configuration simulated in standalone mode and grid connected mode with simple proportional-integral (PI) controller and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) to regulate dc output voltage. The behavior of PV system has been observed with switching on of an additional load for a stipulated time period. The performance of solar PV system under disparate running conditions and its associated power curves were presented.

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PV system, Fuzzy logic controller, PI controller, standalone mode, grid connected mode

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