Experimental Test Bench of Photovoltaic Systems Using Backstepping MPPT Algorithm

Naoufel Khaldi


The varying time weather conditions, and the nonlinearity of the characteristics of the PV influence its performance, and cause also the difficult maximum point power tracking (MPPT) process. In this paper, a system equipped with PV panel, control and power card has been analyzed and designed. The Power card is formed with voltage and current sensors, boost converter, and a driver which ensures the control of the Mosfet. The control card contains a Backstepping algorithm which needed for solving the nonlinear relation and draws the MPP from the PV panel. The simulation results show a great performance and improve a high efficiency with good accuracy. The developed system is designed in Isis Proteus, simulated in Matlab/Simulink, implemented and tested successfully on an Arduino board with a graphical LabVIEW interface which allows us to visualize and interpret PV parameters in real time.

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