Imad Aboudrar, Soumia El Hani


This work describes a photovoltaic generator connected to the grid by associating the features of a shunt active power filter to improve the energy quality. A command by hysteresis is proposed to eliminate the harmonious currents as well as the reactive power while injecting the active power into the grid. This power is extracted by hybrid command of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which combines the conventional Perturb and Observe (P&O) and Fractional Short Circuit Current (FSCC). The boundary condition between FSCC and P&O is intensely decided by the proposed algorithm. The use of this method allows to exploit the speed of FSCC, to put the system around the approached maximum power point (MPP), and precision of the P&O to track the real PPM with a small step of disturbance. Another advantage achieved by this method, is that it does not require any sensor to measure irradiation because it detects intelligently the change of irradiation.

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FSCC; P&O; SAPF; Hybrid MPPT; PV Panel; THD; Hysteresis Command

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