Thermophilic Biogas Digester for Efficient Biogas Production from Cooked Waste and Cow Dung and Some Field Study

Nirmal Halder


For efficient biogas production from the material, which contains high oil, like cooked waste, a multi-feed thermophilic biogas digester was designed. Thermophilic environment was maintained by heating the water with the help of a thermostat valve and the water was kept inside the outer jacket of digester. Copper constant Thermocouples were inserted at several locations of all along the digester for observing, whether inside the digester thermophilic environment was being maintained or not. Temperature reading of thermocouples was being displayed with the assist of a Data Accusation System. Performance of digester was examined by varying temperature and different amount of feed material. It is observed that thermophilic digestion as compared to mesophilic digestion is more efficient. Also biogas production was increased by increasing the amount of cooked waste in the mixture of cooked waste and cow dung which was used as feed material.

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