Phase-Frequency Controlled In Virtual Synchronous Converter for Low-Voltage Microgrid-Inverter Synchronization

Md Ruhul Amin, Shamsul Aizam Zulkifli


In this paper, it will explain an internal voltage controlled based on generator swing technique/dynamic response in virtual synchronous converter (VSCon) in order to achieve voltage synchronization between low voltage microgrid and inverter.  As known, PLL is a common technique in order to synchronize the amplitude, phase-angle and frequency between microgrid and inverter for voltage connection. VSCon is a technique does not require any phase locked loop (PLL) circuit as an external control structure for the inverter synchronization function. This VSCon has been modeled and simulated in Matlab/Simulink software, with single-phase source input system connected with several loads variation. This VSCon has been implemented in inverter control to generate a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal that respond with the grid information in order to synchronize the inverter output voltage with the grid voltage without using the PLL. Several simulation tests have been conducted to prove the reliability of this VSCon. It also has been tested when the grid frequency changes from the rated frequency to 51Hz where the result shows that, VSCon takes nearly 20ms to synchronize to this changes frequency value.

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Grid; Inverter; Phase-Locked-Loop; Synchronous Generator; Synchronization

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