Effect of heating rate on the slow pyrolysis behaviour and its kinetic parameters of oil-palm shell

Fredy Surahmanto, Harwin Saptoadi, Hary Sulistyo, Tri Agung Rohmat


The effect of heating rate on the slow pyrolysis behaviour and its kinetic parameters was investigated in this study. Pyrolysis experiment with oil–palm shell waste as raw material was conducted in nitrogen atmosphere at heating rates of 5, 10, 15, and 20 °C /minute and final temperature of 550 °C by simultaneous thermogravimetric analyser. The results show that heating rate affects the thermogravimetric curve position, maximum decomposition rate, and the temperature on which the maximum mass loss rate occur. Moreover, it can be known that calculated activation energies and frequency factors vary, depend on the specified temperature range and reaction order. By approximating the pyrolysis stages into four temperature ranges for reaction order of one  and into five ones for reaction order of two and three, it was obtained that the activation energy values are from 6.90 to 203.10 kJ/mol and frequency factor values range from 1.283E-01 to 7.07E+15 s-1.

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pyrolysis; kinetics; oil-palm shell; activation energy; frequency factor

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