Comparative Study of Two Small Scale Downdraft Gasifiers in Terms of Continuous Flammability Duration of Producer Gas from Rice Husk and Sawdust Gasification

Anak Agung Putu Susastriawan, Harwin Saptoadi, T.M. Purnomo


In this work, two small scale throat-less downdraft gasifiers (Gasifier I & Gasifier II) are run on feedstocks of rice husk and sawdust at different runs set up. The runs aim to compare the two gasifiers in terms of continuous flammability duration of producer gas. The result shows that maximum 32 minutes continuous flammability duration is obtained from set up C (Rice husk gasification with 1st stage tuyer primary air and top hole secondary air) for the gasifier I and maximum 30 minutes continuous flammability duration is achieved from set up I (Rice husk-sawdust blend gasification, 5th stage tuyer primary air, and 1st stage tuyer initiation of gasification) for the gasifier II. For closed top set up, the gasifier II is better than the gasifier I in terms of continuous flammability duration of producer gas, either for rice husk or sawdust gasification. 

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downdraft; gasifier; flammability; duration; producer gas

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