Sensitivity Analysis Through Error Function of Crystalline-Si Photovoltaic Cell Model Integrated in a Smart Grid

Masud Rashel, Jannatul Rifat, Teresa Gonçalves, Mouhydine Tlemçani, Rui Melicio


The paper is based on the device representation of PV cell there are different internal parameters that representing their behavior. The internal parameters have impacts on the PV power generation. In this work, a single diode solar cell five parameter model is used to understand the internal parameters’ sensitivity not the efficiency. Sensitivity is important because of giving idea about parameters response to the total system. The more a parameter is sensitive, the more the system is dependent on those parameters. Here the internal parameters called photocurrent, diode saturation current, series resistance, shunt resistance, diode ideality factor, and cell temperature are investigated through the simulation for getting their sensitivity which aims to identify the parameters having much impact on total system, this identification would help to make a better model for the PV panel which could be more faster in real time system to give estimation of the power generation. Better understanding about the parameters is identically significant for modelling the PV system. At the end of this work a simplified model is built with simplified PV structure.

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Photovoltaic cell; error function; sensitivity; internal parameters; smart grid

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