Power Management of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Installation Assisted by Batteries and Water Pumping Energy Storage in Desert Location



In this study, we develop a power control of grid connected PV installation assisted by batteries and pumping energy storage. In desert location, the use of PV grid connected system must be a reliability solution, also, in remote area, the water pumping system present an efficacy key for alimented the agriculture by water with lower price. The aim of this work is to design and provide prescribed active power to electrical grid in various metrological circumstances and in presence of batteries and hydraulic water pumping system. To provide the electrical grid, the active and reactive powers must be controlled. Furthermore, batteries can be used to reimburse the power lack or to accumulate the surplus, in other hand; water pumping system is used when we have a surplus energy, so the PV power can be translated in water hydraulic energy for provide the agriculture and farmer by water. Several rigorous simulation and initially experimental tests have been realized to prove the reliability of the completed installation.

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photovoltaic; grid connected; battery; pumping system; power control

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