Design and Modeling of a Linear Permanent Magnet Generator for Tidal Energy Conversion

El Manaa salah Barhoumi, Ikram Ben Belgacem


This article presents the design and the modeling of a new linear generator to convert the tidal energy to electrical energy. This machine will be used in a renewable energy power station. The power station using tide energy will produce electrical energy for the supply of equipments used in water desalination plant in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the tidal energy can produce more electrical energy than the photovoltaic and the wind power. A new electrical machines and power converters should be designed to convert wave energy to electrical power. In this paper, sizing and simulations of a new linear generator are carried out using Finite Element Method. The simulation of linear generators with power converters shows the efficiency of the proposed system for tidal energy conversion.    

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Tidal Energy; Electromagnetic analysis; Linear Generator; Power converter

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