Bi-directional Power Control Mechanism for a Microgrid Hybrid Energy System with Power Quality Enhancement Capabilities

Sheeraz Kirmani, Majid Jamil, Iram Akhtar


The interconnection of different loads and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic system, wind turbines system and storage system to a distribution network leads to a new energy structure known as the Microgrid. This paper presents the analysis and operation of the microgrid hybrid energy system with power quality improvement features.  In order to enhance the capacity to improve the power quality and stability of microgrid hybrid energy system, a hysteresis based bi-directional Power Transfer strategy with power harmonic filter is presented. This includes two modes i.e. inverter side power flow mode and DC/ DC converter side power flow mode. The inverter side power flow mode is defined as the method of extracting power from the DC Microgrid and using it to boost the grid, and the DC/DC converter mode utilizes the grid power to provide power back to the DC microgrid for feeding local DC loads. The scheme goals to: minimize the disturbance in the output voltage of DC/DC converter, regulate the output voltage of the 3-phase inverter, compensate the wind power and solar irradiance changes, bi-directional power transfer, to reduce the carbon emission from the ENNOR thermal power plant-India  and to enhance the power quality of the system. Therefore a dc to dc converter is employed with bi directional power flow capabilities to integrate the wind and solar sources to the microgrid. A wind/solar hybrid microgrid model is developed using the MATLAB Simulink/SimPower systems toolbox. 

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Microgrid; renewable energy sources; storage system; DC-DC converters; inverter; power harmonic filter; power quality; THD

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