Control Strategies of a Single Phase Switched Capacitor Nine-Level Inverter for PV System Applications

AYOUB NOUAITI, Abdallah Saad, Abdelouahed Mesbahi, Mohamed Khafallah


In this paper, we present the design and simulation of a single phase nine level inverter with two different control strategies for two important PV system applications. This multilevel inverter consists of a DC-DC switched capacitor converter and a simple DC-AC full bridge converter. It generates an AC voltage with nine levels similar to a sinusoidal in shape.

The studied PV system is tested with modeled solar panels in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The obtained simulation results prove that the studied system with the associated control strategies is a good solution for PV pumping system and also for injecting power energy into electrical power grid from PV source. Also, experimental results of a laboratory prototype tested with 130W single phase induction motor driving a water pump are presented for validation of the topology of the studied inverter.

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Multilevel inverter; Switched capacitor converter; Grid tie inverter; Single phase induction motor; Pumping system

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